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2012 Skoda Superb 103 TDI Elegance Review

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Purchased a zero kilometre demo 4x4 103 TDI Superb Elegance Combi (Wagon) in April 2012, the only extra was an extended 5 year warranty that the dealer threw in as the car had been registered and the original warranty started in December.

Spent a fair bit of time wandering back and forth between the adjacent Audi and Skoda dealer and could not pick any difference between panel gaps in the Skoda and the Audi. Worked out I'd need to spend 2.5 to 3 times the amount for equivalent drivetrain and space if I walked over the road, the Audi products were certainly superior in styling, especially the interior but I feel the conservative Skoda styling has helped it age well, it looks no more out of date now than when I bought it! Have now done about 60,000 km.

Never been a fan of automatics but the DSG is a revelation, it's the 6 speed wet clutch apparently less problematic than the dry plate 7 speed. Avoiding the oft mentioned low speed jerkiness comes down to technique, ease the accelerator on to allow the gearbox to select a gear before flooring and it's incredibly smooth, Perhaps because we've rarely driven torque converter autos, myself, my wife and 2 learner drivers have had no problems with this.

The payoff is that the gearbox swaps cogs so fast that the turbo diesel never drops off boost. Despite only producing only 103kw and 320nm in a pretty heavy body, combined with the AWD and quality tyres in slippery conditions this car is surprisingly nimble and rapid.

Real world economy is around low 7 litres/100km in city commuting conditions dropping down to 5 to 6 litres/100km on the open road.

Headlights are amazingly good and all the mod cons like heated front and rear seats, auto lights, wipers, seat memory, sat nav/multimedia system are nice as I'm probably too stingy to tick all those boxes if they were extra charge options. Solidly built doors, switchgear and soft touch interior surfaces together with the "suprise and delight" features like the hidden umbrella and removable/rechargeable cargo space torch all combine to make the car feel far more premium than the price would suggest.

To date the only issues have been a sticking fuel filler cap and a seat memory issue that was fixed with a firmware update. (seats come with software these days!!)