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2012 Skoda Octavia Rs 125 TDI Review

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After much study of available choices made decision to buy a Skoda Octavia RS 125TDI DSG based on UK market data on reliability & longevity. Local reviews were very good re on road performance and particularly brakes and handling. I was not disappointed, the 350nm of made everything so effortless. Still on the OEM Bosch brake pads at 140,000km. Economy if driven gently, capable of sub 5L per 100km. Usual driving averaged 5.6 to 6.1 without regard for fuel usage.
Brakes are incredible, and plenty of bite.

Cornering is tight and balanced but car prefers smooth sweepers vs usual chopped up Australian bitumen. Tyre pressure is critical to obtaining decent ride on poor roads and even tyre wear( 30psi rear, 31psi front)

Tyre choice is critical to avoid excess road noise, Bridgstone Tauranza T01 gave great service and good over all life of 73,000km, as well as quiet.

Car faultless however do ensure the dual mass flywheel is changed out at 140,000km, not scheduled in service manual but necessary to avoid grief.

Been fortunate with dealer servicing, had no issues and reasonable prices.

The DSG box was a pleasure and great fun, car was a point to point weapon with so much accessible torque.

Sound system was amazing with 30GB of memory available and would play DVDs!

With a full load the car tended to sit on rear suspension rubbers, so big bumps tended to intrude.

Solid, rattle free and an absolute pleasure to own, look forward to another Octavia RS in the future, highly recommended!