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2012 Renault Koleos Privilege (4x4) Review

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The CVT petrol transmission and engine combination does need to be improved as the overall acceleration is less than sufficient for this heavy privilege SUV model. Avg fuel economy on premium fuel is currently 11.3L/km which is worse than my old WRX. Perhaps a 2.0L turbo variant might persuade buyers looking at Subaru, Holden or Ford to try something with a little more luxury.

I challenged the 4wd system by choosing a 4wd only uphill track which is not passable during wet weather. It works better than expected over challenging rocks, loose gravel and muddy ruts which I am confident that many SUVs on the market can not drive through. I only managed to bottom out the mud guards a few times but other than that, the entry and exit clearance of the Koleos is great.

Privilege model has all the creature comforts without the countless additional expense of options like other European car companies. Initially I thought the leather seats would soften over time and be more comfortable however this was not the case after a few years. Electric everything is wonderful like the auto park brake when turning off the car. Electric dimming rear view mirror is great at night time to stop those glaring lights behind you and yes, it is standard in the Privilege. One thing to note is the aircondition system is super fast to heat up the car but not as effective at cooling down the car. In Queensland this is a necessity.

Overall, if you're an easy going driver who enjoys creature comforts and the occasional off road trip with family then this is the car for you.