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We bought the Range Rover Evoque from new in Aug 2012 and loved the looks and drive. Six months down the track and reliability combined with Land Rover Australia customer care has left us wishing we had bought something else. The first breakdown resulted in roadside assistance. When the tow crew arrived they had not been educated in how to put car in neutral, 3 hours later they managed to tow car away. This breakdown was due to a software error. Three days later and the front lights failed to work this resulted in a close shave with the Police. Six days later and we have another full break down, luckily the same tow driver and the car is towed away in an hour. This second breakdown resulted in us contacting Land Rover customer care we were told 'car is with garage, what do you expect us to do'....no further updates. Ten days later we get the car back with a new fuel pump and a dent. Contacted Land Rover customer care and again to complain about dent 'what do you expect us to do'.Land Rover has no vehicle condition paperwork, not our problem. The repair garage agreed to cover cost of dent repair. Our total May car ownership resulted in a full 5 days, no loan car, loss of earnings and a lot of inconvenience. So in summary great looks do not always equal a great driving experience. I would never buy another Land Rover.