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2012 Porsche Cayenne Diesel review

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I was drawn to this car for the space. The size was perfect to meet my current needs, but after that the positives just kept coming.
When I first test drove the car I expected it to feel like a truck. A big, 8-speed, diesel SUV would surely be loud and heavy. That was a big mistake. I was shocked at how quiet it was (not silent, but quiet for a diesel), and it didn't feel heavy at all. What I did feel, to my excitement, was the grip to the road that gave me the feeling that I was truly driving a performance car. The ease at which it moves around corners and winding roads was beautiful.

And, despite the size, its ability to perform against some of the smaller sports cars (especially when put into Sports mode) when taking off is sensational.

Performance-wise this car is amazing.

Size-wise this car is perfect for me and all the family and work things I need to throw into it. I have a car seat in the back and can still comfortably fit two other adults in the rear. The boot is great. Even with the back seats up, there is so much cabin space. I have hiking backpacks, school equipment, scooters, two large dogs, and lots of re-useable shopping bags. Size is not an issue in this car for me and my outdoorsy family of four.

One of my other favourite little things I love in this car - the fact that when I hold the lock key down it locks my car and shuts all my windows, and when I hold it on unlocked it not only unlocks my car but brings the windows down as well. This is great for those hot days when you want some fresh air in the car before getting in or when you have kids that jump out of the car without doing their windows up.

The only negative for this car - and where it has the most room for improvement - is the infotainment system. I don't need anything too fancy because I care more about the performance and safety, before whether the car can play my iTunes folder or can self-park. But the reverse camera is very dull and not as clear and crisp as a lot of other car models (like the Audi or Range Rover). It is also difficult (and sometimes not even possible) to navigate through the touch screen by using the side panels on the steering wheel. So with an infotainment system that isn't overly user-friendly, it can be quite tedious when you have kids in the backseat wanting to flick through radio stations to try and find a song they like.

Being a 2012 model, the other improvements that my car lacks are some amazing safety features that are now available on the more current models.

I was told by a client that once I went for a Porsche Cayenne, I would never change to an alternate Brand of car. I think they were right, because when my ultimate-sized car gives me amazing performance as well, there's just o reason why I would change.

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