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2012 Peugeot 308 C Allure HDi Review

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After owning a 307 1600 HDi hatchback for eight and a half years from nearly new, I decided to replace it with a 308 and was tempted by a 2yo CC 2.0litre Allure model.

Apart from the lack of coffee cup holder and not a lot of space for the occasional trip with two passengers 6'3 high in it, this is a dream stylish car to own and drive. As a single person, I wanted to have a really nice car that would suit my lifestyle and as I travel a fair distance to and from my job, I needed reliability, comfort and economy.

It likes to get up to 6th gear at lower speeds than my 307 would have, and I find the dashboard reminder useful. The controls are very easy to understand and suitable for their purposes. I am getting pretty much the same mpg with this 2litre to my diesel 307.

The roof manoeuvre is well protected by a warning if I haven't pulled the boot screen into place, it will not go ahead and lower. Lots of thought has gone into safety measures like this protecting the owner from making silly mistakes; all too easily done in a hurry.

Overall I'm very happy with my recent purchase that I park in my single garage with ease every night rather than leave it outside at the kerb.

Would I change it for another car instead? No not just yet. My next car will probably be a RCZ in white colour.