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2012 Nissan Leaf Review

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I bought a new Nissan Leaf in in 2013. I have had the car for 2 years now and been very happy with its performance. The car has so much power you find yourself leaving the other motorists behind at the traffic lights. The only time you would pull into a fuel service station is to buy chocolates or a beverage. You can charge the car at home or at a variety of free charging station located most Australian capital cities.

To give example on The Leaf's range, you can drive from Frankston to williamstown and back to Frankston victorian on one charge or from Coburg to Moe Victoria one one charge.

To car costs me $1.90 to charge from empty to full. Also you can drive to work and back for under $10 for the week! A general car service is $90 at the Nissan service centre. My partner and I would have to agree the Nissan leaf is the most economical commuter car on the road.

The disadvantages about the car are the white upholstery that easily shows up the dirty. The sun visor is too short and don't block the sun through the drivers window. The inbuilt Navigation GPS is very basic and does not know all the roads and frustrating to use. Nissan promotes the range of 170km which is completely false. The range is ruffle $120-130km.

In conclusion , I highly recommend the Leaf to anyone to get to work and back and run the kids around.