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2012 Nissan Almera St Review

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The Nissan Almera is a great vehicle for a first car buyer or for someone who needs a car mainly for city commuting. The Almera is reasonable on fuel and the steering is light which makes parking a breeze.

Bluetooth is also available so that means no more reaching for your phone to pickup a call however from my experience the bluetooth is very basic and it can be difficult to synchronise your contacts over to the car.

The Almera also lacks cruise control and especially when doing country driving, it feels like it floats around. Rear headroom is also very poor especially if you have tall passengers. The boot space is reasonable however it is disappointing that the rear seats cannot fold.

We have had a number of problems including issues with the brakes and axle. Many times especially with the automatic model, it seems to find it difficult to decide which gear it wants to go into. The seats in general are quite uncomfortable especially when seated for long periods of time. The ability to use your remote to open the boot is quite good though. Although the boot is advertised as being large, which it is, the shape of the boot makes it very awkward to insert large items and the lack of the ability to fold down the seats again demonstrates the annoyance it gives me.

The Nissan Almera should really be improved. Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Foldable rear seats
2. Daytime running lights
3. More powerful engine
4. Widen the rear seats
5. Increase rear headroom
6. Cruise control
7. Make bluetooth easier to use
8. Reverse parking sensors and cameras
9. Blindspot Monitoring
10. More comfortable seats
11. Engine "stop start" technology
12. Adjustable headrests for rear seats as standard