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2012 Mitsubishi Triton Glx Review

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Bought new from dealer in 2012. Initial minor electronic fault at 2 weeks old, and just got worse from there on.

Overheated several times, eventually engine failed at approximately 51,000km. The engine was replaced under warranty, but caused further issues(cruise control stuck on!).

Overheating has been a major issues with these tritons, and most have been recalled to have the pressure and operating temp increased, which somehow extends the life of the engine? The software that controls the engine is updated at this point too, which causes another issue while using cruise control- going down hills feels like you're towing a bouncing caravan as the engine repeatedly surges, rocking the vehicle back and forth.

Apparently this is not a fault, just something else you have to live with. Tritons are cheaper to buy than other brands, but with such a low resale value, and being so unreliable, this one has cost us a fortune. Also intermittent and so far undiagnosed problem with the heater- sometimes it just goes cold, and then a few minutes later heats up again.

Our local dealer has been friendly and helpful, but it really doesn't make up for the inconvenience and lost business production caused by the low build quality of the vehicle. The seat covers and rubber floor mats are quite good though, also the aftermarket steel tray.

I would recommend applying for a bit more credit, and buying something of a better build quality, because overall, it will cost you less in the long run