Mitsubishi Pajero 2012 gls lwb (4x4)
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2012 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS LWB (4x4) review

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The purchase of a second-hand 2012 Pajero in 2015 from a dealer was not a good experience. I was promised books and spare keys, but they were not initially there. However the keys arrived after some discussion. The books also arrived, but they were not the books for my car - there was the wrong VIN, which prompted more discussion. Roadworthy items like the windscreen required yet more conversation.

Dealing with car issues is not easy, and was made more difficult by the fact I couldn't just take the car for another RWC. I was advised to negotiate. I wonder how this would have played out if I’d had a male with me?? Eventually a deal was reached and I was on the road.

The Pajero is very much a crossover car; okay around town, yet can match it with bigger 4x4s off-road. Parking in town is easy with the reversing camera and steering not being too heavy. On the road it has good vision and while the ride is not that of a regular car, it's comfortable, if a bit noisy.

Being a tall person, in-cabin comfort is important. Access to the driver's seat is great and easy, made easier with the vehicle’s height and its wide-opening doors. In the second row of seats I can sit my adult children and friends comfortably. The third row of seats I would only use for children, as there's not much leg room. The driver’s seat is not the most comfortable and a change would be nice. The lumbar support is neither positioned well nor comfortable for me.

I love the centre console for storage of my handbag and the like, but I would have liked a larger glove compartment. I am phobic about items being able to move in the car, so tie-downs or points in row two would be good and along with a home cage for safety equipment. The anchor points in the third row and boot are used frequently for the dogs and other loads.

It is a shame that the back of the Pajero is not quite long enough to sleep in, even with the seats folded. To have the luxury of sleeping in the vehicle would make touring exceptional. I love the floor boot in the back to carry fins and snorkelling gear, as well as wet weather, recovery and emergency gear. The rear door and small storage spaces carry the stove, some food (lollies) and water.

When off-road, I have never found the Pajero wanting, but it's never done much sand work. Out of Dargo for five days with the club revealed no issues. Up the Stock Route, into the cutting and through the water, great fun. I am a restrained driver, but my car gives me the best.

Wide door openings and good boot space make my Pajero an ideal car for moving lots of stuff.

A bullbar, snorkel and some under protection protect my drive. I have also put an OME suspension kit on, and now have the van ready to go and looking for fun!

This 4x4 is strong enough in the rough, is comfortable around town and can tow my 2-tonne van with ease. I love my Pajero and the freedom it affords me.

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