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The Mitsubishi Outlander is fantastic value for money.

I bought the base model new with alloy wheels for $22,500 driveaway. This was cheaper than a mid-spec Mazda 3 and you get a whole lot more car for the money.

Fuel economy is fantastic (I'm getting 7.8L/100km) and the car is comfortable to drive with climate control, USB/CD media with MP3, voice recognition Bluetooth (which works brilliantly) and electronic everything.

Unfortunately, given the car's size and the base model's engine, performance is average at best. This is particularly noticeable when highway driving.

The engine is also quite noisy and if you're picky, like me, you can hear a faint tapping from the injectors and a high pitched whine as the engine revs. Road noise is also average on coarse chip surfaces but is great on smoother roads.

Overall it is still such good value for money especially when you consider the 5-year 130,000km warranty and the capped-price servicing with 15,000km intervals. A proper SUV bargain.