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2012 Mini Cooper S Goodwood Review

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Inspired or not?

Four years on and I still love this car. It has traveled just over 10,000 km in that time, and every time it's taken out from under its cover it is a joy to drive. It has never been a daily driver, with its role being a weekend and club run car.

I love that it is understated from the outside, however from the inside it is like no other Mini. The Cornsilk Rolls-Royce Leather is so soft, and the sheep skin floor mats are just amazing. Looking around the cabin you are treated to panels covered in cornsilk leather, and the Burr Walnut dash is beautiful with depth and shine like no other Mini dash.

At the heart of this car is a 2012 Mini Cooper S and that brings with it all the driveability and fun that is a Cooper S. It has that go-kart feel and a ready and eager engine. Take it out in the hills and this pretty little Mini shows its other sporting and fun side.

Mini added every option to the Goodwood except for a sunroof, which to me was good idea.

Mini did stuff up in a few areas. Some of the interior trim parts are still black. They took the time to colour-code some items but strangely left others, which tend to really stand out. There are no paddle shifters for the auto, which seems to be a strange omission. I do miss the paddle shifters as I have had them in other cars.

For such a limited edition, Mini decided not to issue build numbers with the cars. You can ask Mini for your build number as they have now started to provide that information to owners who ask. This one is 104 of 1000.

Australia got 10 Goodwood's; 8 Automatics and 2 Manuals. For the Goodwood, there were 2 colours on offer, which were Diamond Black (a Rolls Royce colour) and Reef Blue (a MINI colour), however Australia only got Diamond Black cars.

Some statistics:
10% of the Goodwood's were manual
Only 90 were painted Reef Blue
75% are left hand drive
The rarest cars are right hand drive Reef Blue Manuals.

The Mini inspired by Goodwood is an instant classic and rare car in many countries, however this doesn't reflect its price on the used car market. I believe this is only because it is so rare and people just don't know what it is. Maybe in time this will change.

Our Goodwood has been reliable. It has not had a single issue. Mini servicing can be expensive, however for the first 3 years all servicing was covered. If you buy a new Mini, I recommend that you buy a service package, as it's great value.