Owner Review


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The engine has the highest torque for a 2.1L diesel (500Nm). Mated to the 7 speed auto it drives like a car.

Very quiet inside. Attention to details in the cabin result in a luxurious feel without tackiness.

The autoreverse parking is accurate and can park both on the right and left kerbs of a one way street. Reverse camera useful and safe for pets and kids. There are projected lines on the screen to tell you where the tailgate would swing out to so you don't park too close to a back wall or the back line of a parking space.

The back seats are spacious enough even for big people.

The economy of 6.1L/100km is astounding. Auto-stop-start works well.

I just think that auto folding side mirrors should be standard for a car at this level.

Overall, though my wife and I think this car is not overpriced as BMW X's and we have been very happy with it.