Owner Review

2012 MAZDA BT50 GT

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I have owned LandCruisers and HiLuxes exclusively for 22 years. I live and work in a rural environment, drive fast freeways, carry loads, tow boats etc. I was very insecure of leaving Toyota. I change vehicles every 3 years. Could not handle the poor body quality of Toyota anymore. They have cheapened the quality.

The new BT50 GT diesel auto has blown me away. I towed my big boat and actually checked the mirror to see if it was still there and pulled a Toyota camper van up a steep paddock, effortless. The ride is great, pickup overtaking very good.

I can only say I am sorry I bought the leather seats version, a car like this, you want to get down and dirty. I personally can't fault the damm thing, 10,000k. Returns average 9-9.3L/100k. Toyota have got 2 years to win me back....very big ask.