Owner Review

2012 MAZDA BT-50 XTR

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My vehicle is a manual variant and I find the automatic application of the brakes, particularly at traffic lights, disconcerting as the car will not move for two seconds after the release of the brakes (significant engine vibration during the clutch application in this two second period).

This same feature makes the car extremely difficult to manoeuvre at engine idle speeds in close quarters (in a car park, for example).

Another negative is that when you are trying to manoeuvre the car at idle speeds (again in a car park), the engine automatically speeds up by about 100RPM as you slowly let the clutch out which causes to vehicle to move at a higher speed than what is intended, thereby increasing the risk of a collision.

My final negative is that the radio will not operate following several hours in the sun (engine not running) on 35C+ days or if is does operate, the screen in blurred and useless (it comes good after the car cools down.