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2012 Mazda BT-50 Xtr (4x4) Review

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First impressions ... Large... but when you drive it, it handles and feels like a mid range 4x4. The finish is good and styling is safe.. if anything a little to safe.

As for Technology it is good for 2012 standards... In built GPS way to small - But has a good range of other stuff that will keep ya busy. One annoying factor was the trip computer.. the data should have been pump to the central display unit instead of the center of the speed o and tachno area's. In the city the BT handles well with tones of grunt to get you out of tight spots.

BT is a very wide vehicle and on roads like Parramatta Rd the car feels way to wide.. In the bush.. Superb .. Hill decent WOW.. Guts on steep in climbs .. didn't bother it... clearance heaps of it for what I do. The rear end can get a little loose if you get a little keen and I notice can get a bit bumpy with the leaf spring back end. First trip out was 130Klm of various type trail and forest Rd and very little Low Range work.

The low range is superb gearing.. lock in 1st low and the thing is great ... Hill decent Great ... and fuel economy on this truck doing 130Klm's in High Range .. got 10/100 Over all the unit is good for the money. Also great load capacity... Highy recommend as yet havn't needed to do a service so cant really comment on the cost