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2012 Lexus RX270 (FWD) Review

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I have owned previously an rx350 for 8 years. By comparison this car leaves a lot to be desired .

The taking out of weight and dropping all wheel drive for 2 wheel drive means you have a very unstable vehicle when going up hill through tight corners or when taking off from standing position in the wet and especially on hills.

On hill climbs the traction is compromised on tight corners where front wheels lose traction and the same applies on wet roads up hill start where wheel spin is very common.

This is with tyres that have only done 5000 klms. In coming out of a steep driveway on a wet day I thought I was going to have to get someone sit on the bonnet so I could get to top of driveway because of wheel spin! This is with traction control on.

A very disappointing purchase after the 350, the best positive is the comfort and ride. The smaller engine when kicked down a gear does strain under the pressure somewhat .

The body of the car seems to have a very thin skin by comparison to my old 350 rx, a plastic wheely bin toppled over onto the car from about 600mm away and left quite an indent in the metal, I was very surprised .

The internal comfort is certainly comparable to the old 350 but more plastic than previous model .I presume lexus has tried to save as much as possible in build costs while still maintaining the profit margin.

Will I keep it for long? Not when I get out of it most days cursing it. Good luck buyers!