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2012 Kia Rio S Review

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We bought this Rio on the advertisement and TV ads, plus being car of the year, how it won, don't know, the interior is good, the design is good, the mechanicals, rubbish, as are most dealerships, I have a dealer just 800 meters from our home, but I travel nearly 20 kilometres to a dealership which does a good, honest service, Dandenong Kia.

The engine is noisey, the fuel economy is 7.0 litres per hundred on premium 98 octane fuel, the brakes are just so so, we have 34,000kilometers on the clock, there has been a pulley grind since 1500 kms, I only use synthetic 5w30 oil, as the oil at dealerships varies so much, I am a soft driver, I let the auto up change at 2800 rpm, fuel economy still average, though the dealership that did the last service did tweak the engine a little and got a better economy out of the Rio, a little happier, but after paying $18,000 with aftermarket wheels, it was not cheap, would I buy one again, no, sorry, better cars out there for the same price, Kia, pull your socks up and address the mechanical issues, as the new 2015 model has the same rubbish under the bonnet, though the car is dearer, only a few cosmetic pieces on body, spend the money on the mechanicals, at start up it sounds like a diesel, and other models sound the same, interior rattles over bumps, the brakes don't seem to have bite, even though the dealer changed the brake fluid, I change the air filter every 7500 kms and the oil, just to get better economy.