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2012 Kia Grand Carnival Platinum Review

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Bought a 4 year old Platinum, well appointed, low kms, and we love it. Took about a week for my wife to get comfortable. Family drives are much more pleasant now with 2 13 yr old boys and 10 yr old daughter. 2 in the middle, one up back seems to be the preferred option - no more elbow fighting. All rows able to recline and with adjustable head rests is great.

Loving it so far and it's just funky enough and just bland enough for me. I'm much more into practicality.

We'd previously run Mitsubishi Magna station wagons and as able as they were the family was out growing them. Moving from the Sports mode auto of the Magna to the Kia has been okay - the Kia has a manual (sports) mode shift although it doesn't drop the gears like the Magna did which I've had to get used to.

It is clear that the styling is a little dated - and by contrast to the new 2015 Carnival the 'datedness' is clearly illustrated via the contrast. However, for the purpose of a practical family mover it's not nearly so critical to have 'look at me' stylings.

I don't mind the lack of GPS as via phones one has pretty well all that one needs for that anyway.

Parking has taken a little getting used to, I was a 'gun' at reverse parking the Magna even in 'public', taking a slightly more conservative approach in the Kia.

The flexibility of the seat configurations is brilliant. Although the kids have taken a little getting used to the 'straps'.

The multi zone climate control is great too. Again, the kids loved having 'control' over their environment.

For us it is our 'magic bus' and I need to find each week a couple of excuses to take it for a spin as it's my wife's day to day vehicle.