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2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport (4x4) review

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We were cutting back our vehicles from two to one, and were looking for a capable 4WD that was big enough to house our growing family, comfortable enough to drive every day, and be cheap to modify/fix if something went wrong.

I like the rugged look of the vehicle and how it keeps its roots from the original Jeep. The ability to remove the roof and run a soft-top, or no top at all, is a great feature. The interior is functional with everything easily accessible, and there is plenty of boot space for all the family and camping gear.

One of the only downfalls to the vehicle is the hard-top. In the beginning we had no problems, but it now leaks if we leave it outside. It is easily fixed with the replacement of seals, but this shouldn't be a problem with a car this young.

The vehicle was built to be rough and rugged and take on some of the toughest terrain. We have done many trips in it and spent many hours in the seats. In standard form it had an in-dash CD stacker with Bluetooth and voice control. This was very functional. We chose to upgrade to a touchscreen with reverse camera option, which made reversing up to our trailer so much easier.

The diesel engine delivers loads of torque, and backed by the newer Mercedes automatic transmission, the car is great to drive. I wouldn’t buy a manual or a petrol variant, as I'm not a fan of these options at all. The petrol being a gas guzzler and the manual pedal arrangement did not suit us.

The car has been very reliable, and apart from wear and tear items, brakes etc, we have had no real problems with it. The cost of servicing is on par with, if not cheaper than, some other 4WDs with the same features. The drivetrain is very reliable and some of the toughest components that have proven themselves over and over again. At the time it was the best choice for us and has served us well. It has been a reliable car.

With future models, the best thing Jeep could do is offer a model that is a little more refined, with more creature comforts, and a roof that doesn’t leak.