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2012 Jeep Patriot Sport (4x2) Review

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I always wanted a Jeep but engine size was always too big.As Petrol in England was too much.Later I moved to Cairns in the 1980's then I saw in the paper Jeeps from $24,500 but at time needed 7/8 seater looked at Dodge too much.Got a Carnival 8 seater for less.

Then when I didn't need it I traded it for Jeep patriot Sport CVT Black.Looked the part had 1.4 years till it was hit and was told it was a write off.The Agent couldn't get a Black patriot for 7 months.So Insurance gave me a Compass.Getting back to the Patriot I found it small in the back and hard to get into also the fuel cover was hard getting my hand in to get the key and to turn.But because the price,accessories I got it.If that was the Compass I would not get it.

I love the CVT smooth I can see the bonnet but wipers wrong side bonnet catch wrong side.I learnt later Jeep as Mitsibishi chassis and Hyundai Gearbox.

It would have been better to be a pure Jeep,I could not even get the famous Jeep green only thing they could offer was a bright luminous pearl metallic green would look alright on a Suzuki Alto or Grand vitara but not an Iconic Jeep come on really Jeep is Jeep like Land Rover is Land Rover.

It gives me the Wiliys.Of the two the Patriot looks best but the Compass North rides better with more extra's.I still would not buy anything else but maybe a Skoda Yetti as they have good write ups.