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I took delivery of my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 1 month ago now and have nearly done 4000km.

2000km was done in its first 2 days as I had to go from the Gold Coast to Gippsland in Victoria (work).

It provided a good test for on-road capabilities of this vehicle and it has a multitude of onboard safety systems.

I've done this trip three times previously in two late-model sedans both of which were comfortable and a pleasure to drive.

But the Overland exceeded both, as you would expect for this price bracket but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless.

I've also been the passenger in a few other 4WD/SUV on long trips and none of them matched the Overland's comfort or the smooth quiet ride one gets at 110km/h.

The vehicle has so far lived up to all its on-road capabilities albeit some of the onboard sensors have been a tad sensitive.

The adaptive cruise control has been a favourite. I really did like this feature, and there are many other onboard features - too many of which to go into.

You have the option to disable or detune many of these systems; it's up to the individual.

Can't say how it goes off road as yet, but what I've heard and read sounds favourable and I will be doing some off road work.

Overall the price point is generous when compared with its class competition. You get a lot of features with the Overland which are options with its competitors.