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2012 Jeep Compass Limited Review

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I have a Compass and today the blinkers lights my wife took it to jeep today it has only done 70.000 klms it is a 2012 /3 month they said it is a Module it will cost between $800/1000 dollars I find this car a disappointment and jeeps attitude is we don't care as it is out of warranty by 8 days by the compliance plate but as this car probably sat on the lot for a few months it hadn't been purchased by any one so I think the warranty should start when it is first registered in Australia.

I also have been told that 2014 has this problem as a fault and recall not happy //not happy /not happy disappointed disappointed would never buy a jeep again i am disappointed in this American product

I have a BMW 320i e46 it has done 280.000 and am just starting to get trouble with it now it has done 210.000 klms less than the jeep and problems have already started with the jeep I ride a 2010 dyna Harley davidson and has done 18.000 klms and the ECM has packed in in it's a $800 dollar fix but Harley davidson central coast near Sydney computer is stuffed to so I'm waiting for a nother American company that has not got it together so I understand the reason for our government backing Asian vechicle products as the other things have the feeling of an old eh Holden don't know when it going to stop also the Compass Was Bought from gosford central coast /it is a JEEP DEALER