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The first surprise I got was when doing a 180 degrees turn in the street. I was preparing myself for some awkward forward/backward manoeuvrings, but the car somehow managed to make a complete u-turn in that space.

My Suzuki Swift could barely do better. Wow! Similarly for reverse parking - a cinch.

Very quiet and lets you enjoy the sound system. A good sound/media unit with HDD allows you to put more music on board than you are ever likely to have time to listen to. Excellent pickup of the iPhones in the car.

My second surprise was when an incoming phone call was handled extremely simply by the voice interface. Excellent hands-free sound system - loud and clear, and the voice recognition system flawless in my experience.

The automatic wind screen wiper controls are accurate and pretty much take care of everything. So much so that I got worried at some point realizing I don't actually remember how to operate it manually...

Similarly, the headlights automatically come on and off with precision. If you never owned a tall car you may be taken aback realizing that you cannot wash the roof so easily, but that's true for all medium to large SUVs.

Electronic driver seat adjustment is excellent and the memory function is quite nice, allowing two different pre-set configurations. Driver leg room is not great although it never really bothered me as I simply adjusted the seat position,height and angle for comfort.

The car looks great although I wouldn't buy a black one again as it shows the dirt very soon after the wash.

Heavy on fuel - but it is an almost 2 tonne vehicle after all. If low fuel consumption was an objective I would have bought a Citroen Deux Chevaux.

With SatNav, voice control, cruise control, leather seats and good sound system - unbeatable value in its class. And it's a Jeep with all the 4WD prowess in its DNA. I just love it.