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2012 Jaguar XF 2.2d Premium Luxury review

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Having purchased this car two months ago, I am absolutely impressed.

I was looking to buy a hybrid Camry for fuel savings, but my boss suggested I look into the XF Jaguar diesel instead (he has one). I, of course, laughed. As if I could afford a Jag! However, I looked into the matter and found that Jags can run 5.4 litres per 100 kilometres, and along with the looks and the price tag of a 2012 model, it made them worthy of investigation.

I said to my boss, "But the servicing will kill the affordability," and he said that it would. His last service cost over $800. "Excellent", I thought, "I am off the hook and can't afford a Jag."

Then he said that the service intervals were 24000km! So I found and bought a British Racing Green metallic 2012 XF Premium.

And what a car it is! I have never had so many people comment on a car I have owned!

The ride is as one would expect from a Jaguar; precise, powerful, dynamic and yet ridiculously frugal when it comes to how much fuel it consumes.

The leather seats, the sat-nav, the wood grain dash and typical Jaguar touches are way above the expectations I had. Sitting on 100km/h is a trifle difficult, but the cruise control sorts that out extremely well. The 8-speed automatic transmission is silky smooth, and the addition of flappy paddles allows for some fun gear changes, along with the ability to quickly revert back to fully automatic with the simple press of one of the paddles.

I have driven this car from the Gold Coast to Tooowoomba and to Hervey Bay and I have to admit it is the nicest car I have driven (and I have driven a lot of cars!).

But what gets me the most is the admiration.

I had to pick up my in-laws at Coolangatta Airport just after picking up my Jag. When I came back to the car there was a random guy standing at the back of my car staring. As I approached, he said, "I just love your car."

I said thanks but said that I was looking at a red one, to which he replied, "No, this is the perfect colour."

So I was pretty chuffed about that, and have been ever since!

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