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2012 Hyundai iX35 Active (FWD) Review

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This is my second review of our little iX35 Active.

Well great news! We just had the 60,000 service (last one that is capped) still did not need brake rotors or pads - very happy. 95% of our driving is 100kph highway which are very easy on components and no traffic lights here. Just put new Yokohama's on after 60k' on the original Kumo's, which were only swapped front to back once. I wash this car every week, sometimes twice and hand polish every six months with quality polish and still looks new because of this.

Bought this car mainly for comfort and economy, also the towing capacity is 1600 kg same as a Falcon or Commodore. I worried that I would kill the clutch pulling my boat, but have had no problems even on ramps. We are off to the Gold Coast tomorrow to see one of our grandkids - 400 km each way, on a trickle fill I will get up and back on $65.00 (I have done this before and get back just hitting the red).

The only complaint I have and it really annoys me because I keep it spotless is the PAINTWORK! a hand bag or a tiny stone will chip or scratch the paint - my car still looks new unless your one metre away, very disappointed.

From my raving obout the iX35 my kids bought a 2013 2.4 awd and a 2014 2.4 awd both have young kids and have had no problems with their cars. I will probably keep this car til 90,000ks before the value and all those washes and polishes go to waste.

Maybe I'll do another review before I trade it in if you people can stand it.

Safe driving,