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2012 Hyundai i40 Active Review

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I purchased the Hyundai i40 in March 2015 , and have had no problems with it what so ever, it has great economy and power especially from a 1.7 diesel engines , feels like the same power I got out of my old company 3.6 liter V6 Commodore, it handles and drives nicely , 60 profile tires gives a comfortable ride , the transmission is a smooth 6 speed with semi automatic available if desired and sports mode for quicker response from the transmission .

The Active It is the base model but it still has lots of great features , fast demist , cornering headlights, electric handbrake , Bluetooth media and phone, map lights, sports mode, iPod connectivity , USB port for charging and media, headlights can be set to auto, and plenty of storage in doors and center console for bits and pieces and great instrumentation with select-able displays.

The i40 has a 5 years unlimited warranty and a 5 star ancap safety rating with free roadside assist the service interval is 12 months. Ok, now with cons , one thing I really hate is the poor visibility when parking , this is due to 3 things , the seating is low , the slopping design of the body and the high boot/rear windscreen, the Active only has the reversing sensors which take a bit getting use to and you mite not hear them if you got the radio on.( maybe a mute on the radio when the sensors give you a warning or make the rear camera standard).

Interior is black and drab, I'm sure there are better colors than black and grey.

The ground clearance is a bit low , you can't even fit your head underneath the car to look under it and you frequently scrap speed bumps and kerbs , this car is not meant to be a sports car so a decent ground clearance would be more useful to city users.The boot is quite generous but the opening could be bigger to get bigger suit cases in.

The i40 is quite heavy at 2100 kg which means you pay a extra $149 to register this car in NSW , than a car under 1504 kg .Over all I love the i40 even with it flaws.