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2012 Hyundai i30 Premium Review

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Hyundai i30 is a solid car that handles very well. It has just one issue but it is major and costly. Hyundai claims via the fuel sticker city consumption of 9.7L / 100K. The reality is fuel consumption of 12.78L/100K measured over 9 months and approximately 12 refills. I have kept all records and receipts.That is 35% more than what buyers have been told. And it has continued with that consumption over the last 3 years.

I bought the car for my wife and it's used exclusively in inner Sydney. My wife noticed on the first fill of petrol that the computer advised 350K to empty. A tank of 53L capacity should deliver 540 K. I have raised the issue with Hyundai and their explanation is that the stipulated consumption is based on a laboratory test and a variance of 35% is normal. On 5000K per year that's an added $300 each year; on 10,000 $600.

Over 5,500 Hyundai i30 cars sold each year that's an extra cost of 1.5 to 3.0 million annually. The government authority responsible for the ADR is disinterested, notwithstanding it's statement that the purpose of the applicable ADR is "so that buyers can make an informed purchase". The ACCC similarly doesn't want to act; notwithstanding the Hyundai's stipulation is clearly misleading and deceptive. Hyundai buyers are advised to check to check on their vehicle's fuel consumption. I should add, that this issue is specific to Hyundai. My Kia Sportage's fuel consumption is exactly as stipulated