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I have done 10,000 km in my Jazz and I’ve found the car has lived up to my expectations.
Did my homework prior to the purchase, comparing the Fiesta and the Swift to the Honda. Fiesta and Swift were the most fun to drive, but the interiors were not up to the standard of the Honda, particularly the seats. Also for sheer versatility the Honda could not be beaten.
The 1.3 motor is naturally low on torque, but what surprised me was how well it revs. Plodding around town the engine is adequate, but if you do need to hustle along take it over 3500 rpm and you’ll be surprised at the kick the little motor has.
Real-world use and the fuel usage is usually between 5.4 to 5.8 l/100km, a mix of suburban and freeway work
Plastic steering wheel is horrible, however a genuine leather wrap from wheelskins.com and it now feels much more ‘upmarket’. The original gear knob was also replaced with something that feels much better.
The handling is fine for everyday use, remembering that this is a supermini and not a sports car. It goes, points and stops quite well for normal driving.
The light weight brings huge benefits in fuel usage, and a light car will always turn and stop easier than a heavier car, but it does get buffeted around in strong winds even at freeway speeds.
I have read gripes with the air-conditioning not being up to the task, but there is a lot of glass in the car so good window tinting was put in and I have been out in the high 30’s and the aircon is fine.
Problems? None.
Would I recommend the Honda Jazz? Yes, you won’t regret buying the Honda Jazz. I haven’t.