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2012 Honda CR-V VTi (4x2) Review

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Have had my Honda CRV for 2 1/2 yrs, (3rd Honda) but very disappointed with this model. Perhaps it is this particular vehicle, as I have a couple of little problems with it. Mainly take off, seems to chug a lot and will not increase speed past 60kmh for first 1-2 kms, this is an intermittent problem.

Dealership and Honda Australia keep telling me it is a "peculiarity" of this model in manual. I have had it back to them on numerous occasions, from cold starts, sitting in their service centre for a week and they keep saying the same thing. This is around my 13th car in my driving career, and we own 4 other cars at home all manual and do not have or have ever had this problem with any car. It is damn annoying and I love the vehicle, but it has to go,

The electrics have also given me several problems, with radio/CD player cutting out and will not come back on until car restarted, and ignition will not connect or start on many occasions. Now looking at Nissan and Hyundai. I have asked other Honda CRV owners who purchased at same time as me, but they all have auto transmission, so cannot get feedback from them.

To me the "peculiarity" is really a problem perhaps just with this model that they will not admit too. Fuel consumption is good, ride is good, pricing was good, servicing has seemed a little high. Car has only done 40,000km in 2 1/2 years.