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2012 Honda Accord VTi Review

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This is the perfect family sedan. The interior feels as spacious as a large family sedan but you only have to worry about paying the fuel bill for a 2.4L engine. The interior is very comfortable and built to a high quality. I love the styling of the front of the vehicle although I think the designers got the rear wrong. My only criticism is that the car seems a bit long which can make parking more difficult than it should be. Other than that, this represents an excellent value family car.

I love the interior of this car. There's plenty of leg room for both front and rear passengers, the seats are comfortable, the heating and cooling works very well in all conditions and the sound system does the job. For me the stand out is the dashboard design. All the controls are clearly marked and easily accessible for the driver. There's no small fiddly buttons and doing things like adjusting climate control is quick and easy. Speedo and revs are clearly visible and look great and the dashboard itself is typical Honda. It looks great!

The boot is an ample size for a family car and if you need extra room the rear seat folds down. One advantage that the Mazda 6 has in this department is it has split fold seats so you can still have one passenger in the back while you fold the other seat down. Still that's a minor issue. With the rear seat down, I can easily squeeze in my road bike making trips to triathlon meets a breeze.

The car looks good on the outside except that ugly rear which seems to be a lot more bulky than necessary. All in all this car makes a great package and I'd recommend it to any family.