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I've test driven Honda Euros a couple of times. It is hard not to be impressed.

Everything is where you want it, it's comfortable, and not a bad looker. And as it's Honda, reliability should be A1.

Then a reality check - you put your foot on the pedal - and not a lot happens (no it's not the brake pedal). It's a car that likes at least 4000rpm to move along. Once it gets going, she's a fine, but the engine is a touch noisy when you have a go.

A little cramped in the back if you're an adult, but with kids, all's good.

I'd buy a luxury auto - ideal to potter around the suburbs in, feeling like you're in a car that costs $20k more (eg Merc or BMW).

Honda will further need to tweak the design to keep up with the pack, and 10% more power and torque would be a bonus.

Otherwise it's a good alternative for those who want to downsize from a Commodore or Falcon.