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This vehicle is packed full of features and has a 5 Star safety rating, however it is a little disappointing that Holden dropped some of the standard safety features that are available in the United States LTZ version, their SRi-V equivalent.

The Infotainment sound system in the MY12 and MY13 SRi-V continues to have low level hiss in the background, however during engine operation the sound quality is satisfactory.

For many Series II owners there is still an issue with clearances in the brake callipers. This issue causes metallic rattles under the car and gives way to a feeling of poor quality control in manufacturing and under confidence in the braking system.

The voice command microphone is still biased for a LH drive vehicle. It is great for the passenger that wants to talk on the phone; however it is located 490mm from the driver.

The gear selector design in the automatic is still setup for the LH drive. In manual selection, the lever is designed to be closer to the driver for easy shift movement during manual mode.

A LH footrest is a nice to have feature. Again this feature was designed and included overseas, but was not repositioned for the Australian conversion, it was just omitted.

Holden market this car as Australia's small car and without doubt this is a fantastic Australian assembled vehicle. I hope to see future versions of the SRi & SRi-V develop into the Australian version of the GM design that we should have Down Under, including the additional safety features for our families, and a complete RH drive design for Australia.