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I had the opportunity to drive a 2.0 diesel Cruze to Melbourne and back to Sydney to pick up a trailer. On the southbound journey we achieved 5.7L per 100, car sat easily on the cruise control and didn't slouch for any hills. The steering was of particular note as being quite good, not too heavy and quite responsive.

In Melbourne we picked up an empty 700kg braked trailer and towed it back. The fuel quickly skyrocketed to over 15L per 100, needless to say the car towed it with little hesitation.

The biggest downfall was the auto gearbox. As soon as it saw a hill it'd drop back way too much and lose a lot of speed and torque. The gearbox would then keep hunting for a new gear. I usually drive a DSG Diesel Golf and was quite annoyed at the constant gear changing, I couldn't even persuade the manual mode to hold a gear for me. All that 350Nm of torque went to waste.

Overall the car performed well, and would recommend it for someone commuting a long way to and from work that doesn't want to enter into higher priced premium Euro cars.