Owner Review


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The amount of torque in the diesel has surprised me. It is not the most powerful engine around but power to weight must be excellent, I have just returned a combined city/F3 drive of 5.4L/100km.

I looked at buying a Ford Falcon ecoLPi sedan, and even considered a Mitsubishi Triton diesel 4x2, as I was looking for something powerful, yet economical to run.

I kept coming back to the diesel version of the Cruze and thought the hatchback just looked very nice, even a bit sporty.

I must say it is one of those cars that looks better in the flesh than photos.

Having height adjustment on the passenger seat just surprised me as this isn't available on some dearer cars.

Overall, the car is impressively quiet and handles great and would recommend it to anyone. Aussie made is a bonus.