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Excellent - a vast improvement over the 2010 Captiva 5 Petrol (gutless) and 2007 Captiva LX V6 (thirsty) I have had as company cars.

I love the ease of the third row seating, and the huge boot when this is not in use - in fact the overall capacity when the second row is down is massive!

The dashboard layout is pretty good, though the heater controls are a bit odd, with the actual heating seeming to vary according to the outside temp.

It is a good looking car, better from the rear in my opinion, but overall looks more "serious" than a Mazda CX-7 or Nissan X-Trail, but less like a tank than the Territory (how old is that design?).

The engine and gearbox are the best aspect, it really has good performance, but the gearbox is set up for more economical driving (even with the Eco function off) so if you want to drag race, or overtake really quickly - flick it over to tip-tronic. Stereo is excellent, memory for over 20 stations and a quality sound.
Blue-tooth - it is insane! The phone will be connected, but the audio system won't let me answer, I can't call out, there's no voice recognition format...seeing as Blue-tooth units are very common, and affordable, and I am sure Holden don't want me to die every time I get a call - they must install a better unit than this.

The interior surfaces are still made from Easy-Scratch materials, but feel a lot better than that tin-foil Captiva 5 I just got rid of.

Cup Holders - now I know you can have too many, but there are 2 in the front, 2 in the back - but to use those you lose the middle seat, and only 1 for the 3rd row seating, for a car than can seat 7 - why only 5 holders?

If I am driving, have a water bottle, and my wife and I both have a coffee - what do I do? If they had space for water bottles in the doors (hello Subaru Legacy) then all is remedied.

My first Rep-mobile was a 2006 RAV-4 5 door - excellent engine, looked a bit soft and was very roly-poly in the corners, then I had a 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5 manual (change of employer) - this I loved, looked good, handling was excellent but you did have to keep the revs up, but a great family wagon.

Then got my boss's 2007 Captiva V6 - felt heavy, looked good and drank like an Aussie (tee hee), but overall a good wagon.

Then the crap 2010 Captiva 5 petrol AWD - was made from tin-foil, shitty old Astra engine and nasty box that couldn't make ups its mind - used as much fuel as the V6 but was slower and sounded like a Lada, but looked good and handled well - but a cheaply made piece of pseudo-SUV - no wonder it was replaced with 12 months by the series 2.

Now I honestly think my 2012 Captiva 7 Series 2 Diesel is the best of the bunch. I have also driven a friend's 2011 CX-7, which is nice but doesn't feel like it could cross a river safely, feels too "wagon on stilts" for me. Have also driven 2011 Legacy (Liberty in Australia; I'm in New Zealand) - these are ugly but still drive well - but are expensive!

For the money (if it was my money) I would go the Holden.