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2012 Holden Captiva 7 Sx (FWD) Review

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We've been driving the Captiva SX now for almost 3 months and found it very good value for money. Driving in the city mostly, the Captiva offers flexibility comfort and decent handling. Ascetically, it tick all the boxes. I agree with most..it should have come with roof rails.

I have been using E10 fuel and it has been doing quite well, no exact numbers to quote but I feel I'm not at the petrol station too often. My wife drives the car, she is pretty small and she feels that she can see and operate the vehicle with no problems and she has commented positively on features like bluetooth, cruise and volume adjustment placement. When I drive the car 5 9", I tend to adjust the seat upward even more than her, but I suppose thats just me.

The seven seats in back are wonderful for our three children who take turns using the third row seats. The kids would have liked a DVD player installed but it does have a second row power supply to power their technology.

The pop up glass on the tailgate also comes in handy when placing groceries or anything else in the rear without opening up the whole door. Auto locking when in drive would have been a nice touch. Overall, the vehicle is a very safe, dependable and practical car for the money.

This car definitely should be considered with any other in the market despite all of its critics. Go drive one before you decide. I did.