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2012 Holden Captiva 7 Cx Review

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Holden Captiva Series II CX Diesel.

"Value for money". This is the first thing I say when people ask about our experience. Its a 7 seater that is not a mini-van. We have 3 kids, one in car seat, so we use the 3rd row regularly on the longer drives. Also handy when I want to collect granny and grandpa who don't drive or one of the kids mates is visiting.

3 Years on and it hasn't given us too much trouble other than needing a decent wheel alignment. TIP: Buy decent tyres and look after them. This one thing improved the handling and ride amazingly over the OEM tyres.

Engine is responsive and I feel better with a run-in now some 85 thousand KMs on the clock. Turbo does the job but its no race car.

Technology wise this car is pre-historic or at best misguided, I know the CX is mid range but.... dot Matrix stereo display, no GPS, no voice controls, no push start, no proximity unlock, no automatic tailgate, there's a gimmicky compass (who uses a compass in a car anyway?), Bluetooth is not intuitive (give yourself 5 mins to connect from your phone before you take off). Hands free needs some tweeking, the mic pickup is terrible. Points for charge sockets in all 3 rows. This helps with Kids powering a small country in the back for entertainment.

There is a USB port, just ONE that is hidden into the huge center console but its deep down and looks to be an afterthought. Mine is white cheap plastic, it literally looks like it was fitted 5mins before I picked up the car. TIP: Get a longer than normal USB cable if you want to use the port, otherwise your device lives in the center console.

Storage on this car is excellent, there are a few well placed and proportioned compartments from front to rear. The center storage between the front seats under the cup holders is big enough to loose an arm. Pockets in the back of seats and doors are good. There is one cup holder missing in the 3rd row drivers side and no cargo cover offered as standard but Im being picky. TIP: Buy an ocky strap to loop shopping bag handles with the anchor points in the rear. If you don't your groceries start making dinner together on the way home.

We purchased this car under company lease with some reservations as we heard the "craptiva" stories but price was too good to ignore.

Its actually been a decent car that has met the needs of our large family. So much so we are considering extending the lease or looking at the current Captiva offering.

Holden could be on a winner if they updated this platform to compete against the SUV rivals. Add Mylink, automated tailgate, rear camera as standard and the "craptiva" might just be a comment of jealousy.

Would I recommend this car to a family or friend... Yes I would.