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2012 Holden Captiva 5 (FWD) Review

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The Captiva 5 is a roomy car that's easy to get in and out of - just the right height so you don't have to stoop nor do you have to use a step ladder. The back area with the seats down is a perfect place to sleep in when needed, avoiding necessity for a tent.

The petrol Captiva however has rather poor fuel economy and is decidedly lacking in grunt when going up hills and just forget trying to overtake unless you have miles of flat safe road in front of you! It was rather amazing that I had to put in my own Bluetooth as an extra & not having any USB inlet is a bit frustrating in this day & age. I had very poor performance of the supplied factory tyres & had to replace them for safety.

The capped price servicing is a scam when you compare it to non-Holden service providers. The "climate control" is hard to get right - it has a mind of its own. The front & rear sensors are a great asset for parking, however the button handbrake can be annoying. Initially I found the gear positioning tricky, it was easy to mistake third for first and I was forever stalling.

I was unlucky I guess to have a dealer that was unable to provide my first, second or even third colour choice, so now have a car the same colour as the road & I blow a lot of low-beam bulbs due to having the lights on for safety reasons. I also had to utilise the break-down service due to auto lights not switching off within month of owning the car. Overall, I've been rather disappointed in my purchase of a new vehicle :(