Holden Captiva 2012 5 (fwd)
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2012 Holden Captiva 5 (FWD) review

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It's a great car, but the new Captivas look better. I think I would go for a Captiva again, but I'll need to look into it more before I make a purchase.

The car has no grunt for it being a Holden. I would expect it to have more go to it. It is comfortable and nice to drive, and would suit a family car, but not one for those who often need take-off acceleration.

The capped-price servicing is way too expensive, and I will most likely take it to a private mechanic and not a Holden dealer. It's a great car but needs a few things improved, which I hope are fixed in the new Captivas.

The seats are comfortable and so too is the steering wheel. I love the sunroof, and it seems to drive well on dirt road and country driving, but for city driving it doesn't take off fast. It is well priced at only $14,000 second-hand for the CG model.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes, I would recommend it because it is a well-priced car. It doesn't have most modern features, but it is a perfect car for a single or a small family, it has good clearance underneath to help on dirt roads, it is smooth and soft, and drives well.

Other than the things stated above, I feel that it is a really good car and I will recommend it to friends, family and other people that I meet along the way. If you want a simple car, then I feel that this is the one to go for.