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2012 Holden Caprice V review

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I bought this car because I needed a big car and I did not like the idea of driving an SUV. I wanted the comfort of a nice sedan. This car ticks all the boxes and I am thrilled that it is an all Australian made vehicle.

I am very disappointed that Holdens have been discontinued and that car manufacturing in Australia is no more. I hope in the future that car manufacturing returns to Australia, and hopefully fully owned Australian and not a subsidiary of another car manufacturer from another country.

We have the knowledge and the know-how to build Australian icons like the Holden, although the next icon may be an Electric Vehicle.

There is not much I dislike about my Caprice; I bought it second hand from a Holden dealer over three years ago, and I had to accept the silver colour that they had - I would have preferred gun metal grey or white.

The technology in this car is more than I can understand, and it drives as good as any BMW I have owned in the past. I have had five different BMW vehicles and all did not last more than 150,000km before they needed major repairs such as new piston rings, new radiator, new air conditioner, new water cooling system and planing the engine block.

The engine and transmission in this vehicle are perfectly matched and it has very good overtaking speed when needed.

This car has been the most reliable vehicle I have driven in all my 54 years of driving, and like I said before, more reliable than any BMW while being a lot cheaper than that German trash.

My vehicle has been HSV improved and I believe all vehicles should have this option.

One reason I bought this car was the price. Over the years I have owned BMWs and Holdens, and I have noticed that I lost the least amount of money by buying and driving Australian made cars when compared with their European counterparts.

My first Holden was the first Commodore, made with the lazy straight 6-cylinder engine. I bought it for $8,000 and after 10 years driving traded it in for another Commodore for $6,000.

I could never get the same deals with a German made car.

Why I changed to driving overseas made cars I will never know, but I have learnt my lesson now.

I have told my grandson that this Caprice will be his when I die, and I hope there is petrol around in 20 years time so he can drive it.

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