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2012 Ford Ranger XL 3.2 (4x4) Review

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Great car to drive with towing capacity and power, comfort and driver friendliness.

Big problem is the fuel pump. Mine broke downon the highway 250kms from home. Had to get the tow truck. He said he had to pick up 3 in the last month or so. Diesel supplier said that Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 changed from Bosch Fuel pump in 2012 to Siemens.

The new pumps are a big problem with so many failing it is hard to keep up demand. Steel particles go through whole system and it can cost $5000 to fix. I won't be driving mine more than 50 kms from home from now on and certainly not off road as the pumps are too unreliable. Vehicle can only be towed away and spend a week in a repair shop.

One person I know of cost $12000 to fix. We can put up with broken windscreen wipers and lights not working but this is a big one. Buyer beware-new ones have the same pump and are covered by warranty for 3 years or 100000 kms.

I would live to get a bosch fuel pump so I can trust the vehicle if one can be retrofitted. I lke the vehicle but don't want to take the risk of another multi thousand breakdown that left ussitting by the highway for hours. I shudder to think what it would be like to have it fail way out west at night. If I don't get a way of fixing it properly I will have to sell iton a different make.