Ford Mondeo 2012 titanium tdci
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2012 Ford Mondeo Titanium TDCi review

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Before I start, I'm a 14 year old who is interested in cars, so here is a review of my mother's Ford Mondeo Titanium TDCi. We upgraded from a Territory TX, so it was a nice welcome to the European segment for our family.

This car is incredibly well priced in the used car segment, with most examples fetching under $20,000. And that is for a range topping Titanium. The Mondeo here in Australia is not as popular as the mighty Falcon, but it is still a great car.

The ride of the Mondeo is really smooth, and for the driver, the dynamics and handling of the car is quite typical of a European Ford, in other words, excellent. However, the road noise is louder than other cars in my experience.

The Mondeo is equipped with many safety features which other cars new today (2017) still only offer as an option. Those safety features include: bling-spot monitoring, forward collision alert, and adaptive cruise control, as well as a suite of airbags.

The engine provides an excellent response and driving experience, with a 2.0-litre PSA-sourced four-cylinder diesel, matched to a (somewhat controversial) double-clutch PowerShift transmission.

Fuel use is impressive too. We completed a trip from Melbourne to Sydney, on one tank of diesel.

To date, this has been a very reliable car, keeping it serviced regularly at a Ford dealership.
The boot could possibly fit a Ford Fiesta, it is genuinely that big!

Now, the downsides...

The PowerSift transmission can be rough at times around town, which can make for an unpleasant experience, but this is, to my mind, to be expected from a double-clutch.

Other examples from Europe have satellite navigation built into the Convers+ (Interface in instrument cluster) so I'm not sure why this model did not get this feature.

And the turning circle can be annoying at times, mostly in suburban areas and car parks where the steering is on full lock.

The above gripes have been fixed with the current-spec MD Mondeo, I believe.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a premium used car at a lower price point.
This Ford Mondeo is better than Superb (no pun intended).

Stay tuned for more Car reviews from me.