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  • Gearbox Reliability, Excessive brake pad and tyre wear

by Tom

At the beginning of 2012 I found myself in the new car market. I searched for a hatchback with a punchy petrol engine, dual clutch automatic gearbox and strong handling traits for around 25K. I chose the 2012 German built Ford Focus Trend which at the time cost 26K.

The Focus has been a pleasant car to own for 2 years and 30 thousands K’s and has provided punchy performance, good fuel economy and strong dynamics. As a mechanical package the Focus has provided strong and well weighted electrical power steering, a rev happy petrol engine and a quick shifting automatic gearbox. It can however like so many other dual clutches become lurchy at low speeds and can become confused when dealing with traffic.

Speaking of the car as a package, interior has held up well to the day to day life of a male with no children and the technology on offer (Bluetooth Audio, Phone) has become part of the driving experience. This along with comfortable seats, good speakers and strong sound insulation makes the focus a good cruiser and easy day to day run about.

Ownership costs of the Focus are reasonable. Whilst driven harder then other focus’s might be my car returns around 8.5 l/h which converts to around 500k’s per tank of 91 unleaded (About $65) of mostly town based driving. Servicing costs are very good and I have found some Ford Dealerships come in even lower then the capped priced rates, in saying that at the 25k mark I replaced all 4 tyres ($1000) and the front brake pads ($400).

My only concern with the Focus has been the reliability of the Automatic Dual Clutch transmission. At the 10K mark the entire box was replaced and then at the 28K mark both clutches were replaced. Whilst these repairs occurred under warranty and Ford assures me they are unlikely to reoccur they are something to consider. If I had my chance again I would purchase a manual of the same model.

In saying this, I recommend this car to anyone interested and would comfortable advise anyone to purchase it.

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