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2012 Ford Focus SPORT Review

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Originally I was looking for a 4WD SUV, when I spotted a red sport at the Ford dealer I was walking through. The colour definitely caught my eye as did the low interest finance on offer. My trade in offer was higher than expected which sealed the deal for me. I had traded in my VY Commodore which had only done 105,000kms and was in excellent shape.

The Focus was already well specced, so I only needed to add on a tow bar and floor mats as options. I also got a paint protection glaze which I was only expecting to last a year, but the paint is still as a good as new.

I love the exterior design of these Focus's. With the red paint and chromes side strips make it look extra great.

For its $28,000 price, the interior quality is what I expected. There’s a good blend of plastics and soft touch surfaces but noting to write home about.

My car is equipped with the Sync1 system, which means it has voice activated Bluetooth and audio systems. It has a GPS which is probably out of date by now, so I use a portable GPS instead. A twin zone climate control, and a manual cruise control are also fitted.

I use the car mainly to get to work and back with the odd country run. Due to the auto, its rated only to tow a braked 550kgs, but it’s enough for the odd tip run.

Overall It's incredibly fun to drive especially on winding roads. I’ve never approached it’s handling limits due to it being so high. On the highway it overtakes effortlessly partly due to the quick changing auto and had plenty of power for its intended use.

I never had anything break or fail after 34,000km , including the transmission. It used to shudder slightly with the occasional moment of confusion changing gears, but after a control module was replaced, rarely occurs now.

I would recommend this car as a manual, but with the unpredictable reliability of some other owners cars wouldn’t get an auto.

Personally if I were to get another it would have to be an ST or even better an RS!