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2012 Citroen DS3 Dsport Review

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I’m a middle aged, male IT professional so logical I should buy a Golf GTI. But, I just find the VWs too boring and I wanted something a little bit different. So this is the 2nd Citroen I’ve owned.

The Citroen DS3 Sport looks great. Mine is black with a burgundy roof and matching leather seats. The interior is not as small as you might think from the outside. My kids fit in the back without complaint. The boot is small but not impractical.

The 1.6 turbo engine comes on boost almost instantly with a big, creamy wave of torque. Good gear change. The car is quick but not in the same league as a Golf GTI.

The handling is excellent up to a point. When you really push it the front end gets messy. The back can slide out but the stability control brings everything back into shape quickly. The steering is good through the leather wheel but there isn’t much feel.

Excellent ride. Sporty but not harsh.

The sound system which includes Bluetooth streaming and a phone kit is sounds excellent. It doesn't have a GPS. I use a mounted smartphone instead.

I haven’t experienced any reliability problems with this Citroen or my previous C4 VTS. However, there was a small oil leak from a temperature sensor when I first got the car. When I say minor it never actually leaked oil onto the ground but when the mechanic put it on the hoist he could see some oil on the outside surface of the sump. This was fixed under warranty.

I get the car serviced at Chatswood which is a little inconvenient for me but the waiting area is comfortable and they drive you to the train station if you need to go out.

Fuel consumption in medium suburban traffic is averaging 7.4 l/100km. On the freeway at 110kph it will do 4 l/100km. The car needs premium petrol.

I did consider a Polo GTI. The Polo felt and sounded a little but sportier. It was a but plain inside and out but the killer for me was that it is DSG only and I prefer manual gearboxes. A Golf GTI would have been faster and a little but larger but also much more expensive.

I paid $32K brand new on the road including leather seats which I thought was quite a good deal.

If you are looking for a car that is a bit different the Citroen DS3 Sport is a great option.