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2012 Citroen DS3 Dsport Review

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Great car after 3 years of having I still look at it and other ds3's on the road and smile it handles great and have seen better than Prius fuel economy on a couple of occasions

As a person who used to have a strong dislike for French cars this and the Berlingo I had prior has changed my mind about French built cars, yes they have their faults but these faults become their character

The handling is sharp and very predictable and great fun to drive, the ride is firm but still complaint of bumps probably one of the only faults is the lack of top end power but by the time you are worried about that your are starting to get worried about points on your license

One of the criticisms of the Citroens lately is the placement of controls such as cruise control and audio as they are tucked away behind the steering wheel, it does take a bit of getting used to the fact that they are tucked away but once you have driven the car for a bit it become intuitive and being behind the wheel gives a cleaner look

There is a feeling that you get with driving the ds3 where most new cars feel the same, the ds3 gives you the sense it just wants to be driven, to me other cars are like whitegoods yes they do the job yes they do it well but they have no character

My next will be another ds3.