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2012 Citroen C4 Seduction E-HDi Review

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The EGS gearbox takes some getting used to but rewards patience - it will not suit anyone expecting a normal torque convertor auto. It is smooth but will not be hurried. The result is a very efficient drivetrain. Driver involvement is heightened over a tarditional transmission equiped car - this is a positive for me.

In two years there have been no issues and the car has performed perfectly, no rattles or squeaks - more than can be said for the Mk V Golf that preceeded it.

Comfort is excellent, it is quiet, and super economical - low 6/100KM around town and down to 4.2/100KM in the country with air on. Has done long journeys with 4 people on board and toured without any issues - except for one warning which required a software download to fix.

Excellent value for money - $28k drive away at the time with fixed price servicing - service every 6 months or 10K. Dealer support has been excellent - both sales and service which has and continues to make ownership a pleasure. The only concern has been limited dealer coverage but reliability of the vehicle being what it is, this has not been an issue to date.

The car continues to delight with the way it drives although my wife is very wary of the car in urban conditions when driving as it does not creep along like her automatic equiped vehicle - can manage down slopes or flat roads like this but will protest when on a hill like any manual gearbox equiped car if enough throttle is not applied. It takes time to learn new habits.