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2012 BMW X5 xDrive 30d Review

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We purchased the BMW X5 to replace an XC90 - a car that I maintain is still the most family oriented on the market. The X5 came brand new with all key options (innovations pack, panoramic roof, 20" M-Sport wheels) at a price we were very happy with.

We have had it 2-years now (25,000km) and consider it the best car we have ever owned.

It is comfortable, easy and rewarding to drive. The BMW is designed for the driver, and for all drivers. I say that as my wife loves it (possibly more than I do) and she isn't a fan of being behind the wheel.

The fuel economy of the 3.0L turbo diesel is hugely impressive. I will regularly see 700km on a tank around town (10L/100km) and on long trips it runs as low as 6L/100 - considering it's a 2-tonne rectangle on massive 315 section tyres, I don't even think I saw that level of economy in my old Honda Civic!

The top-down parking camera is a godsend, as is the power boot and heads up display. All technology that I thought I didn't need - but now feel I can't live without.

The big wheels and run-flat tyres do give a firm and sometimes 'crashing' ride, but I couldn't bear to look at it on the standard 19" wheels and without fender flares - so I'm happy to live with a few bumps here and there.

It has cost nothing to service, and nothing has gone wrong. My wife managed to lock the keys inside once, and BMW assist were able to help her with a loan car until I was able to come to unlock the car with my set.

If I was to do it again, I would option the comfort access module for keyless entry (should really be standard) and would also upgrade to the M-Sport model for that delicious steering wheel.

I've not driven 'faster' models, but am happy with the performance of the 30D.