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My M3 coupe is a Jan 2012 registered car. Finished in Mineral White, it includes the Competition package.

The vehicle is amazing. Having previously owned a 335i, I can dispel the myth that the M3 is just an upgraded 335i. It is a totally different car altogether.

Around town the car performs brilliantly. The ride is firm yet comfortable. It is however when you get onto the expressway, push the loud pedal and hear the V8 wind up that you can enjoy.

Above 3000 RPM it just gets louder and louder. It really is terrific to listen to.

One recommendation is definitely get the stock exhaust replaced with the M performance exhaust. Whilst not producing any cabin drone, it really gives the car back its voice. Not cheap as SGD $7300, but it really does finish the car nicely.

The only other extra that looks good on the car is carbon splitter for the front. It offsets the white paintwork brilliantly.

Am I happy with the M3? I am stoked with it. It is an amazing vehicle.